NEET 2020: Mistakes one must avoid during exam

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway to the aspirants who wish to seek graduation from medical courses.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway to the aspirants who wish to seek graduation from medical courses. Since it is the most sought-after examination in the country, the level of seriousness can be understood. Students need to be more cautious while appearing in the exam. But there can be some general mistakes a student might make, let’s discuss them!

Reading the questions and instructions without attention

This is the most common error made by the students. You need to remain focused while reading your instructions and while following them. Questions should also be read with great concentration. You might lose a lot of marks, if you make this blunder. Be aware of the negative marking scheme, the correct filling of the OMR sheet, and the other basic rules of the examination, mentioned on your instructions’ copy.

Inefficient Time-Management

Time management is very important in order to finish your exam in the accurate time. For this, you need to set a time-limit for each section and try to stick to those limits. The speed with which you answer the question should also be checked. If you do not keep the track of time, and answer too slowly, you might miss out on solving some questions.

Calculation mistakes and lack of accuracy

Try to be aware of your approach to the solutions of the questions. Be focused while you solve the numerical based questions. Calculation mistakes can lead to negative markings, if the answer obtained is wrong. The accuracy with which you answer should also be efficient. Keep your concepts clear, in order to be accurate. Guess-working should also be avoided to score more marks.

Being over/under confident

Being over- confident might lead you in a risky situation. You should be self-assured but in a modest way. Revise your answers once you are done.

As overconfidence can lead you to lose more marks, being under-confident is also not healthy for taking exam. You should have faith in your hard work and efforts.

Having lack of confidence won’t help you in writing examinations. Be determined and confident. Stress and anxiety will not get you marks; have a peaceful mind to get ready for your most important day.

Neglecting exam rules

Be cautious about the rules, inside and outside the examination hall. Visit your examination venue once, prior to the main day. Wear the appropriate clothes according to the dress code. Don’t carry the items that would be found as the sources of unfair means and avoid the malpractices.

You are not allowed to carry the following belongings: stationery, communication devices or electronic devices, edible products, ornaments like earrings, rings, necklaces, hair bands, bangles or any other kind of jewels, items like wallet, wrist watch, camera, goggles, cap, belt, etc.

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